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About Me

Erin-Anne Lemieux is an American artist and designer who primarily works in watercolor, collage, charcoal, and photography.  She has been making art since childhood, and after receiving a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2004, she began working as a product designer for a consulting firm in Southern New Hampshire, designing life changing products in the health care space.  In 2013 she started to focus more time on creating art, expanding her experimentation in watercolor and collage. 


The focus of her work is on the interplay of color and line.  She enjoys the contrast between the unique, transparent, and unpredictable qualities of watercolor, with the strict control gained through collage and geometric composition.  Her simple small paintings, and larger collage pieces are inspired by light throughout nature, in landscapes, in clouds, the sea, and trees.


Living in New England, with her husband and two children, provides her with daily inspiration through the changing seasons, along the coast, in the mountains, and in her forested rural community.

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